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About Shandong Yummy Food Ingredinents Co.,Ltd

Thank you for visiting,I pray that you and your loved ones stay safe.
In China,there is a preverb,that is“ food is the basic of the people, security is the basic of the food”.Although my products are only spices,I always aim to provide 100% natural safe spices.I worked in a factory nearly 10 years,at the year of 2015,I set up my company.When I wondered how to name my company,my three years old son said yummy.So I decided Shandong Yummy Food Ingredients Co.Ltd as company name.Hope our products can fresh your life.
*What I do:
Dehydrated garlic,dried garlic flakes,minced garlic,wholesale garlic powder,granulated onion,onion powder wholesale, chili paprika horseradish manufacturer since the year of 2006.I have cooperated with Olam,Sensient,HAYA in Germany ,Russia,South America ,South Africa buyers well.
*What do my buyers say about me?
*One of my America buyers said:Anna’s service is the best and alway in time.
*One of my Europe buyers said:We count on you Anna in dehydrated garlic market.
*How can I help you?
You know,China garlic price always fluctuate crazy,
I can update the market information in time to help you analysis the price trend and buy in at right time.I have rich experience in this market.I know different quality for different market.I can recommend the right ones for you with competitive price to sell better in your local market.Especially for US market.
*Want to cooperated with a professional reliable China spices supplier?Reach me via Linkedin or,Thanks

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